Shattering the Illusion of the Old Paradigm: July 6-12

Life is about creating joy, happiness and fulfilment as we continually evolve and expand on this physical journey we have chosen to participate in at this time.

It is time to release the old paradigm, the old belief system that many of us have held onto because fear and or guilt has played heavily in our mind. No more. It is time to face your fear and let it go. We are now in a time that is imperative for us to align fully with our soul. shatter the illusions that have have held you in a place of darkness, your own inner bondage. It’s time to align with higher frequencies, tap into your intuition and rise like the phoenix. It is time to create the harmony in your life, find the immense joy as you continue to evolve and do this from a higher perspective.

It’s ok to let go of the past, it’s ok to move on and align yourself to the relationships and the goodness you deserve in life without feeling the restraint of the bondage you once created.

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