Sing to the Tune of your own Song: 26 Oct- 1 Nov

I feel the energy this week is changing. It feels lighter and interestingly the first card to come through is the card of new beginnings, also the numerology is an 11.

We are here to sing to the tune of our own song, create the reality we want to live in. Understand that the changes occurring are inevitable to bring in a new frequency, a new energy. Life is all about expanding and evolving and if we don’t accept the changes, if we don’t step out of our box, we will not be able to manifest a life we truly want to live.

This week, take time to nurture yourself, love yourself. As we all live in different parts of the world, what is open to us to utilise in this process will differ. However, walks to the beach, the forest, are accessible to many and if you have a bath tub, go soak in it a while. If you feel emotional, honour it, be aware of what is coming to the surface and the changes that need to be made. Know you are safe and loved.

For some, the new beginnings may bring new relationships .

Overall a beautiful week lies ahead. Put the energy you need into you first and foremost this week.

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