Rinnell Kelly

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Emily is a true alchemist. Her elixirs are powerful, transformative medicine that get to the deepest level of what needs to be shifted . She has a way tuning in and choosing the exact elixirs for your needs, thank you Emily.

Mel Roach


I have Emily’s Sacred Geometry cards and use her tinctures. I underwent a 3 hour session with her today to understand more of the background and how to interpret the cards. It was absolutely brilliant. Lovely session. I learned a lot and can’t wait to learn more. Brilliant ?  ~ Mel Roach



Emily’s course on the sacred geometry healing cards is a wonderful experience. I highly suggest doing this if you are involved in her works. It is informative, fun and educational. Emily is a beautiful person with a lovely heart and what she uses to introduce to expand consciousness, is worthwhile and worth doing for yourself.

Emma Woolrich


Emily, Thank You so so much for today’s awesome Sacred Geometry course. I feel like so many shifts have happened on multiple levels through your teachings and the meditations. I know I will continue to integrate for the next few days. Emily you are truly unique in how you are bringing your truth to your work. I will be recommending …

Jules Pahor


My first experience with Emily’s essences was at a workshop. She offered me a sample of the latest essence she had just created ‘The Alchemy of Thoth.’ The potency metaphorically knocked my socks off. I instantly felt a huge shift and became aware of what was being cleared. As an Emotional Re-programmer and Multidimensional Healer, I offered the essence to …

Phillipa Maloney-Walsh


I recently attended Emily’s workshop on her second edition of the Sacred Geometry Healing Cards, the new set is even more awesome than the original, and that is saying something! The cards enable you to use them in so many ways, from gridding, holding on the body, integrating with other modalities such as Reiki and Crystal Healing. I have even …

Lee Poulson


I absolutely love my sacred geometry grids that have been divinely created by Emily at Phoenix Gateway. I have her entire set all around my home! I also have her first and second edition of the sacred geometry healing cards and find them so full of knowledge, guidance and wisdom. Her offerings are the real deal and as someone who …

Joe Dubs


This sacred geometrical deck of cards is an alchemical amalgamation of consciousness, sound frequencies, fractal geometry, and esoteric knowledge possessed by the ancients. From the seed of life to Metatron’s cube, to the Solfeggio Frequencies and the Platonic solids, this collection beautifully illustrates this lost hermetic gnosis. When we peer into the depths of sacred geometry and the archetypes of …