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Owning Emily’s Sacred Geometry Healing Cards and following her on social media for a while I felt drawn to book one of her sessions earlier this year. The timing was right – I could feel BIG shifts on the horizon and her session called to me.
During the session I could feel Emily working her magick – I could feel her working on my energy field – it was quite unlike any other healing that I’ve had, and I knew that it was going to facilitate a powerful shift over the course 2023.
And indeed it did! It was a beautiful precursor for the healing that has eventuated in my life since our session together. It deepened my experience of my multidimensionality and the Sacred Work that I am here to do in the world, leading me to meet wonderful like-soul individuals with whom I share a bond, no matter where on Earth we live or how we show up to honour our own and collective Sacred Contracts.
So to you, Emily … thank you, thank you, thank you!! It has been an honour and a privilege to have received this magickal Pellowah session from you.
With gratitude for all that you do and all that you are,
💜 Vanda xx July 2023 (session January)🙏🏽

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