The Inner Child Grid

The Inner Child Grid for Healing and Nurturing. Connect into it and feel the energy. I have been asked by a few people now about putting together a grid to represent the inner child and the healing surrounding it. As we get older, we are so busy in our lives that we forget to honour and nurture our inner child. For some this occurs because of trauma and or wounding that occurred as a child. To shield ourselves from more pain, walls are put in place to protect on all levels of our 4 bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. For some they are consciously aware of this but for others it is subconscious. For some, the pain is so strong, that they self-sabotage themselves as they have diminished or no understanding of self-worth or self-love. They may push others away, and not accept offers of real love. Some may feel they were never seen or heard, they felt rejected and lost. When the inner child is in a state of such repair and need for unconditional love, it can cause many different issues in a person’s life. There are many out there who have experienced wonderful childhoods but still reject their inner child, it is also time to pay attention and honour this aspect as it sits in both the sacral and base chakras. The first 7 years of life is set in the base chakra area. It is where our foundations are built, the family unit created as well as aspects such as finances. The sacral is our nurturing, birthing area both physically and idealistically. We birth our ideas and concepts here. It holds the frequency of a nurturing, feminine vibration. Re-connect to the inner child, a world of child play that is so pure and free from responsibility. For those ready to delve into the depths and heal any wounding and trauma, now is the time if you are ready to trust in the process. It won’t be easy but what you will gain from it is empowering and life altering for the better. There is help out there if you need it through counselling, self-help and alternative and complementary therapies to name a few, if you choose to seek it out.

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