Walking away to find answers: 12-18 October.

As I went into meditation this morning, the song, This Heart Attack by Faker was playing in my head.

Here is the link to this song which also contains the lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qgh3WNKSRY

 Reading into these lyrics, it ‘screams’ relationships, especially about finding ourselves when we are feeling lost. It is the relationships that surround us, both personal and professional and even more important at this time, the governing bodies of the states and countries in which we are each living. 

We question life, our values, the values of the lives of others, what is important to us, not only to survive but thrive as an individual and as a collective. 

When we really start to awaken and become aware of everything that is outside the box and beyond the veil, the changes in both mindset and action are futile to the world we are here to build for ourselves, our family and the family that connect us because, we are, ALL ONE.

When you need time alone, when you got to get away, do it. when you stay to appease, to do what is right for everyone but yourself, aspects of your life become more insignificant, i even will go as far as saying, you may feel yourself dying inside, metaphorically speaking. 

we each seek the answers to the questions we seek.

I Love You,


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