You See Clearly Now: 24-30th August

When you listen to the calling of the higher self to re align and reconnect to your true potential, you start to see clearly the beginning to dream the world you want to create into being. 

Tapping into your inner knowing and the teachings left for us to decipher from ancient civilisations and those of the higher dimensions, we can tap into these resources for our own personal growth. 

Don’t lose sight of your dreams, keep your energy balanced and don’t try to control that which is causing resistance.

Spend time in nature, ground and anchor yourself by walking barefoot in the dirt , grass or sand. Listen to solfeggio frequencies to maintain balance and harmony, meditate, eat more light (plant food), breathe- in through the nose and out through the mouth, slowly and laugh more. Love with all your heart ?.

Work with the medicine of owl ?.

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